Past and present Honorary Members of the Oxford Ophthalmological Congress


P Bailliart

J P Lee

A C Bird

W E Le Gros Clark

I A R Brown

I Mann

A J Bron

W Martin Walker

S H Browning

S Miller

H Cheng

F Newell

J R O Collin

J Nolan

J K G Dart

I Rennie

S I Davidson

W J C Rich

P G Doyne

H Ridley

S Duke Elder

M M Scattergood

M Duthie

D L Smerdon

J V Forrester

T Thomas

I C Fraser

R Thompson Henderson

N R Galloway

D Vail

H Holland

P G Watson

J L Jay

M H Whiting

B Jones

J Whitwell

R Keeler

F A Williamson Noble

F W Law

G T Willoughby Cashell


H E Willshaw


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